Archaeological Monitoring

AIS Archaeology is a subsidiary company of AIS Environment and is the company who will handle you monitoring requirements. The first firm of its kind in the Maltese Islands, AIS Archaeology is the largest organised team of archaeological professionals in Malta, ensuring greater professionalism, improved quality of work and added accountability in the field of archaeological services.


Archaeological monitoring is a crucial part of any development project in Malta, an island nation in the Mediterranean with a rich and diverse cultural heritage. The Maltese islands are home to a vast number of archaeological sites, some of which date back to prehistoric times, and it is therefore essential to ensure that any construction work does not harm these sensitive areas.

The Superintendence of Cultural Heritage (SCH) is the government agency responsible for the management and protection of Malta's cultural heritage. The SCH works closely with developers to ensure that any proposed development in an archaeologically sensitive locality is subject to archaeological monitoring. This monitoring is carried out by qualified archaeologists, who observe and record any archaeological features or finds that may be uncovered during the construction process.

Archaeological monitoring is particularly important in Malta, where the country's rich cultural heritage is protected by a strict legal framework. The Cultural Heritage Act of 2002, for example, establishes the legal basis for the protection and management of Malta's cultural heritage, including archaeological sites. The Act sets out clear procedures for the assessment of proposed developments in sensitive areas, and requires developers to obtain a permit from the SCH before any work can commence.

In many instances, when a person or entity applies for planning permission, whether it may be for a small garage or a block of offices, the planning permit may require that construction works are monitored by a specialised archaeologist. The conditions and methodologies to be followed are governed by the Maltese regulating body – the SCH.

Archaeology Monitoring
Archaeology Monitoring


AIS Environment will guide you through each stage of the archaeological monitoring process:

Providing a Monitoring Team: AIS will appoint a qualified monitoring team which is submitted to Superintendence for Cultural Heritage (SCH) for approval.

Compiling of a Monitoring Programme: AIS will prepare the methodology for the archaeological monitoring to be undertaken by the monitoring team, which is presented in the form of a monitoring programme. The programme will be submitted to the SCH for approval.

Handling the Archaeological monitoring: The AIS monitoring team will monitor the construction works as required by the monitoring programme. Any archaeological findings which are noted on site will be categorised, described, photographed and communicated to the SCH in accordance with the monitoring programme. Photographic records of the construction works will be submitted to the client and the SCH as necessary.

Compiling the Archaeological reporting: The AIS monitoring team will prepare reports to be submitted to the SCH at the end of the project. AIS will also handle any comments on behalf of the client.

Archaeology Monitoring
Archaeology Monitoring