Construction Monitoring


Depending on the development permit conditions, the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) may require a site to be regularly monitored by qualified environmental monitors to ensure that the site is appropriately maintained in line with development permit conditions, environmental permit conditions, and various applicable legislation, including the Environment Management Construction Site Regulations of 2007 (S.L. 552.09). Monitoring would assess the status of any environmental conditions that could potentially be affected, such as noise, air quality, waste , etc. The monitors also recommend feasible measures that the contractor should implement to mitigate any severe impacts.

Construction Monitoring
Construction Monitoring

Discover how AIS Environment monitored the construction of the Qrejten Breakwater.

Discover how AIS Environment monitored the construction of the Qrejten Breakwater.


AIS Environment will guide you through each stage of the construction monitoring process:

Compilation of a Monitoring Programme: AIS will prepare the methodology for the construction monitoring to be undertaken by the monitoring team – this outlines the environmental aspects which will be monitored, the monitoring frequency and the reporting frequency. AIS also devises feasible measures which can be implemented by the contractor to mitigate severe impacts. The methodology is presented in the form of a monitoring programme and submitted to ERA for approval.

We offer to monitor:

  • Environmental management of the site
  • Air quality, incl. chemical analyses
  • Dust emissions
  • Noise pollution
  • Water quality, incl. chemical analyses
  • Marine Ecology, incl. ROV surveys, SCUBA surveys, sample collection, etc.
  • Terrestrial ecology, incl. tree surveys

Specialised monitoring: AIS has experts, equipment, and facilities to carry out all monitoring requirements, tailored to suit our clients’ needs.

Providing a Monitoring Team: AIS appoints a qualified monitoring team which is submitted to ERA for approval

Construction monitoring: The AIS monitoring team will monitor the construction works as required by the Monitoring Programme. Any issues which are noted on site will be discussed with the site manager and reported to the client. Photographic records of the construction works will be submitted to the client and ERA as necessary. AIS will also handle communication with ERA.

Preparation of the Environmental reporting: The AIS monitoring team will prepare reports to be submitted to the ERA on a regular basis.