Environmental Permits (EP)


Before construction works begin, some sites need to apply for environmental permits, of which there are many types. Such permits provide improved protection of the environment by addressing a vast range of potential environmental impacts including air emissions, liquid discharges and waste generation. With permits in hand, operators have the legal certainty, clearer definition of environmental liability and the opportunity to identify priority environmental issues to enable appropriate risk management.


Different types of permits: AIS Environment can handle all permit types:

  1. Nature permits
  2. Tree permits
  3. Disposal to sea permits
  4. Waste consignment permits
  5. Waste carrier permits
  6. Waste broker permits
  7. Producer responsibility permits

We will apply for an Environmental Permit on your behalf, guiding you through each step of the process:

Coordination of documentation: AIS will coordinate with the client to consolidate the documentation necessary for the Environmental Permit application.

Preparation of the Permit Application: AIS will prepare the permit application on behalf of the client and submit it to the Environmental and Resources Authority's (ERA) Environment Resources Information System (ERIS) portal. With our 25+ year history, we will pre-empt any additional information that ERA might request during the permit process and will guide the client accordingly.

Preparation of the Environmental report: Our monitoring team will prepare reports to be submitted to the ERA on a regular basis.