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Geology of Malta

Malta's unique geology is characterised by its limestone formations and its location in the  middle of the Mediterranean Sea, making it an important geological crossroads. The islands have a complex geological history that dates back to the Miocene period and includes the formation of marine sedimentary rocks, the emergence of the islands, and their subsequent erosion. Malta's geology also includes evidence of past volcanic activity and the presence of important mineral resources such as clay, sand, and limestone. Understanding the geology of Malta is crucial for various fields, including construction, agriculture, and environmental management.

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Among our research & analytics services, our team of experienced professionals specialises in providing comprehensive solutions for geotechnical investigations, geophysical surveys, chemical analyses of soil and groundwater, chemical risk assessments, groundwater monitoring, groundwater modeling, and geological hazard assessments. We work closely with the Environment & Resources Authority (ERA), the competent authority, to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and deliver the highest quality results.

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Geotechnical Investigations: Our geotechnical investigations involve the assessment of soil and rock properties to evaluate their suitability for construction and infrastructure projects. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to perform site investigations, including soil and rock sampling, laboratory testing, and analysis of geotechnical data. We provide detailed reports and recommendations for foundation design, slope stability, and earthworks, helping our clients make informed decisions and mitigate risks.

Geophysical Surveys: Our geophysical surveys utilise a number of techniques to study the subsurface geology and hydrogeology. We use a variety of geophysical methods, such as seismic, electrical, magnetic, and gravity surveys, to map subsurface structures and identify potential geological hazards. Our experts interpret and analyse the data collected, providing valuable insights for site characterisation, groundwater exploration, and environmental assessments.

Chemical Analyses of Soil and Groundwater: We conduct comprehensive chemical analyses of soil and groundwater to assess their quality and potential impacts on the environment and human health. Our team collects samples and analyses them in well-equipped laboratories, utilising advanced analytical techniques to measure various parameters, including heavy metals, organic and inorganic pollutants, and nutrients. We provide detailed reports and recommendations for remediation strategies to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Chemical Risk Assessments: Our chemical risk assessments evaluate the potential risks associated with contaminated sites and guide decision-making processes for site remediation. We assess the fate and transport of contaminants in soil and groundwater, estimate exposure pathways, and quantify risks to human health and the environment. Our team uses advanced modelling tools and risk assessment frameworks to provide accurate and reliable results, assisting our clients in making informed decisions for managing potentially contaminated sites.

Groundwater Monitoring: We offer comprehensive groundwater monitoring services to assess the quantity and quality of groundwater resources. Our team installs monitoring wells and gauges, collects water samples, and conducts regular measurements to track changes in groundwater levels, water quality parameters, and assess the impacts of human activities on groundwater resources. We provide detailed reports and recommendations for sustainable groundwater management and protection.

Groundwater Modelling: Our groundwater modelling services utilise advanced modelling tools to simulate the movement of groundwater and assess the impacts of human activities and climate change on groundwater resources. Our team develops conceptual and numerical models, calibrates them with field data, and performs predictive simulations to assess the effects of different scenarios. We provide valuable insights for groundwater resource management, aquifer recharge, and well field design.

Geological Hazard Assessments: We conduct geological hazard assessments to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with natural hazards, such as landslides, rockfalls, and seismic events. Our team conducts field investigations, collects geological and geotechnical data, and uses advanced modeling techniques to assess the potential for hazards and their impacts on human activities and the environment. We provide recommendations for hazard mitigation measures, including slope stabilization, rockfall protection, and seismic design, to ensure the safety and sustainability of projects.

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At AIS Environment, we are committed to delivering high-quality geology and hydrogeology services in compliance with regulatory standards. Our team of experts works closely with the Environment & Resources Authority, the competent authority, to ensure that our services are up-to-date with the latest regulations and guidelines. We utilize advanced techniques, tools, and methodologies to provide accurate and reliable results for our clients, helping them make informed decisions for their projects. Contact us today to learn more about our geology and hydrogeology studies.