Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC)


Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Permits regulate high risk installations as specified in the Industrial Emissions Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations. Such installations include power stations, specific waste management activities and large farms amongst others.

Through this permitting mechanism, the environmental performance of the plant is evaluated including emissions to air, water and land, generation of waste, use of raw materials, energy efficiency, noise, prevention of accidents, and risk management. Monitoring obligations are established, the results of which are compared with the established limit values.

AIS Environment has compiled the IP Permit for the Delimara Power Station and a number of private waste management facilities and pharmaceutical plants.


AIS Environment will lead you through the IPPC permitting stage:

Documentation: AIS will coordinate with the client to consolidate the documentation necessary for the IPPC Permit application.

BAT declarations: AIS will prepare the Best Available Technology (BAT) reference documents on the clients’ behalf. These documents are complex, detailed and highly scientific forms that need to be prepared as part of the IPPC permit application process. Such documents compare the facilities’ operations follows existing best available techniques.

Permit Application: AIS will prepare the permit application on behalf of the client and submit it onto the Environment and Resources Authority's (ERA) Environment Resources Information System (ERIS) portal. With our 25+ year history we will pre-empt any additional information that ERA might request during the permit process and will guide the client accordingly.

Consultations: AIS will coordinate the consultation process with ERA, stakeholders and the public. Such consultations often necessitate workshops, meetings and presentations which are all led by AIS.

ERA Board Hearings: AIS will prepare a presentation outlining the development and the results from the permitting application process, and the ERA take a decision on whether to issue the permit. AIS will also handle any environmental questions on behalf of the client.