January 6, 2022



The Central Link project involved the upgrading of a section of the existing Route 7 Comprehensive TEN-T road network that now passes through Attard, Balzan and Birkirkara. The construction of the new road (the Attard Link) also formed part of the proposed works, along with numerous junction upgrades.


An application (PA 09890/17) was submitted by Infrastructure Malta for the proposed junction upgrading and road widening to existing roads as well as the construction of a new schemed road. Subsequently following this application, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was required in order to proceed with said project.


AIS Environment carried out the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) related to the Central Link Project. The EIA was carried out on the basis of  the Terms of Reference (ToRs) issued by the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) in August 2018.  The exercise included the assessment of numerous environmental features including; 

- Waste management 
- Landscape character and visual amenity 
- Geology 
- Ecology 
- Agricultural land 
- Air quality 
- Noise and vibrations 


The project was found to reduce atmospheric dust and nitrogen oxides by up to 66%, and 41% due to the reduction in traffic bottlenecks expected from the project. Furthermore, adverse impacts such as the removal of 549 trees and the loss of approximately 49,000sqm of agricultural land were also highlighted in the EIA.  

The board hearing was held on 18th July 2019, during which AIS presented the results of the EIA. The project was approved by the Planning Board.