December 8, 2021

Client: Ministry for Resources & Rural Affairs


This project required both an Environmental Impact Assessment as well as an Appropriate Assessment.  In order to complete these studies, a number of Environmental Baseline Surveys were carried out in fulfillment of the Terms of Reference compiled by the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA).  Each study had assessed the present state of the site. This in turn led to a comprehensive investigation which was necessary in order to foresee any possible impact that the proposed project will have.

Environmental Survey
Environmental Testing
Wind Farms
Environmental Testing

Noise and bat surveys

Our input

AIS Environment compiled an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for both Wied Rini and Sikka l-Bajda proposed windfarms.

The studies carried out covered all of the below;

  • Agriculture
  • Archaeology
  • Avifauna & Bats
  • Geology
  • Human populations
  • Land uses & terrestrial ecology
  • Waste management
  • Noise and a visual assessment


The Offshore windfarm, Sikka l-Bajda required further studies on sea use, marine ecology and the quality of the marine environment.


Environmental Impact Assessment

Each Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) delivered mitigation and compensatory measures for each environmental impact. This was provided during the commissioning, operational and decommissioning phase of the project.  

The mitigation measures included modifications to the wind farm turbine size and layout. Subsequently technical limitations were taken into consideration, to allow the project to remain both technically and financially feasible.  In addition, a monitoring programme was also proposed to be implemented during the construction and operational phases of the development. 

Appropriate Assessment

Coordinated Appropriate Assessments for the onshore wind farms of Hal Far and Wied Rini, and the offshore wind farm at Sikka l-Bajda were carried out by AIS Environment. These assessments included all the relevant ecological receptors in the area and the potential impacts and mitigation measures posed by the development.