Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)


The SEA is the systematic process of evaluating the environmental effects of a policy, plan, or programme, and its alternatives.  The process combines a broad-based approach to the environmental assessment that examines environmental issues associated with the proposals of the policy, plan or programme in accordance with the Strategic Environmental Assessment Regulations (S.L.549.61).

It allows for the incorporation of environmental considerations at the earliest stages of the formulation of the Plan. Hence, the goal of SEA is to help understand the development context of the strategy being assessed, to identify problems and potentials accordingly, address key trends, and assess environmental and sustainable viable options that will achieve strategic Issues.  Stakeholder consultation and public participation are considered an integral part of the process. An SEA also takes into account the possible transboundary effects on the other Member States as a result of the plan in question.


AIS Environment executes SEAs from start to finish:

Preparation of the screening phase: AIS Environment will prepare the screening form on behalf of the client, which provides a description of the relevant policy and provides a suggestion on whether an SEA is required for the relevant policy. We will also handle the consultation with the SEA Focal Point, stakeholders and the public on behalf of the client.

Determining a scoping phase: If an SEA is determined to be required, AIS will then prepare a Scoping report which outlines the methodology to be followed as part of the SEA. We will handle the consultation with the SEA Focal Point, stakeholders and the public on behalf of the client.

Preparation of the Environmental report: AIS will also present a detailed report which includes:

  • A description of the policy and other legislative frameworks
  • A description of the existing national environmental conditions
  • A description of the possible environmental impacts from implementation of the policy
  • Recommendations which could improve upon the environmental impact of the policy 

Handling of any consultations: AIS will handle consultations with the SEA Focal point, stakeholders and the public on behalf of the client. Wherever applicable, we will also handle international consultations where transboundary impacts are envisaged. Such consultations may necessitate workshops, meetings and presentations which are all led by AIS.