January 20, 2022


AIS Environment is an environmental consultancy company that plays an essential role in ensuring the protection of the environment during construction works. The consultant's primary responsibility is to provide clients with advice and guidance on environmental regulations and best practices in the industry.


During construction works on land, AIS Environment carries out environmental monitoring to assess the impact of the construction activities on the environment. The monitoring involves regular site visits to check for compliance with environmental regulations and ensure that the construction activities do not cause harm to the environment. The consultant may also assess the noise, air, and water quality levels and provide recommendations on measures to mitigate any potential environmental impact.


For construction works at sea, AIS Environment carries out regular environmental monitoring to assess the impact of construction activities on marine life and the marine environment. This may involve monitoring water quality, assessing the impact on marine life, and implementing mitigation measures to reduce the impact on the marine ecosystem.


AIS Environment can also apply for environmental permits on behalf of clients, including tree permits, nature permits, and waste permits. The consultant's role is to ensure that clients meet the necessary regulatory requirements and obtain all the permits required for their construction works. AIS Environment works closely with the Environment & Resources Authority (ERA) to ensure that all environmental regulations and permits are met.


Before and during construction works, AIS is there for all your environment-related needs. Our services during this phase include preparation of environmental permits, construction monitoring and archaeological monitoring. We are there to observe, document, reduce and prevent the environmental impacts caused by various activities carried out at construction sites, as well as impacts caused by a wide range of industrial and commercial facilities.


The role of AIS Environment during construction works is to provide clients with environmental advice and guidance, carry out environmental monitoring, and apply for environmental permits on their behalf. The consultant's goal is to ensure that construction activities do not harm the environment and that clients comply with all necessary environmental regulations and requirements.

Construction Phase:
Environmental Monitoring

What is construction monitoring? During the construction phase, permit conditions from the Planning Authority (PA) and/or the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) often require that a site is monitored by a field expert to minimise impacts to the environment and community – this is where AIS comes in.


Where does AIS come in? Our monitoring team will carry out regular site visits to monitor the works and ensure that any issues are properly mitigated without interfering with the project milestones. AIS will also take care of all reporting to the authorities, as required by the development permit

Construction Phase:
Archaeological monitoring 

What is archaeological monitoring? Depending on the possible archaeological/cultural sensitivity of an area, archaeological monitoring may be requested by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage (SCH).


Where does AIS come in? Our archaeologists will monitor the site before and during construction works to handle any archaeological discoveries. The team will categorise, describe, photograph, and communicate the findings to the SCH.

Construction Phase:
Environmental Permits

What is an EP? EPs are often requested by the ERA prior to commencement of construction works which might affect important habitats or species. The permit would identify impacts to air, liquid discharges and waste generation.


Where does AIS come in? AIS will prepare environmental permit applications on your behalf by consolidating all information and liaising with ERA. 

Discover how AIS Environment assisted in the construction phase of the Marsa Junction Project.

Discover how AIS Environment assisted in the construction phase of the Marsa Junction Project.