January 9, 2021


With experts in all environmental sectors, AIS offers all-inclusive studies related to air quality, noise, trees, marine ecology and much more. AIS will collect data, handle chemical and biological analyses and present the findings in accordance with relevant legislation and international standards. Such research will provide the basis for strategic decisions and legislative compliance reports. Throughout the process, we will provide recommendations and analytical solutions to fulfil any requirements stipulated by permits and legislation, as the case may be.

Baseline Survery of Coastal Waters

What can we research and analyse?

Air quality equipment conforming to ISO standards etc, such as PM10, PM2.5, NO2, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), etc.

Inland & coastal waters involve measurements of chemical, biological and hydrodynamic parameters in the field and collection of water samples for chemical analyses.

Marine ecology involves the mapping of habitats, identification of flora & fauna through ROV surveys and SCUBA diving surveys.

Waste management includes waste chemical characterisation, consultancy on the design of waste facility projects as well as consultancy on waste disposal.

Traffic management studies which include manual and automatic traffic counts, modelling of traffic and related air emissions.

Noise pollution studies used equipment conformant to BS5228, BS4142 and ISO standards.

Geology & hydrogeology including land contamination testing and modelling.

Terrestrial ecology includes the mapping of habitats, identification of flora & fauna, studies on avifauna and bats.

Urban landscape and design using the creation of 3D models, photomontages and impact assessments.

Other studies include; climate change, carrying capacity, environmental risk, and human populations.

Analytics and research
Borehole soil samples
operational monitoring
SCUBA diving survey
Analytics and research
Monitoring of nitrogen oxides in air

Discover how AIS Environment conducted a baseline study of the Maltese Coastal Waters.

Discover how AIS Environment conducted a baseline study of the Maltese Coastal Waters.