January 9, 2021


AIS Environment is an environmental consultancy company that offers a wide range of services to help clients identify and/or mitigate the impact of their operations on the environment. One of the key services we offer is research and analytics, which involves conducting studies and analyses related to various aspects of the environment. 


With experts in all environmental sectors, AIS offers all-inclusive studies related to air quality, noise, terrestrial ecology, marine ecology and so much more. AIS experts take measurements, collect samples and perform chemical and biological analyses. We interpret and present the findings in accordance with relevant legislation and international standards. Such research provides the basis for strategic decisions and legislative compliance reports. We work closely with the Environment & Resources Authority (ERA) to ensure our work is always up to scratch.

Discover how AIS Environment conducted the MSFD baseline study of the Maltese Coastal Waters

Throughout our research and analytics projects, we provide recommendations and analytical solutions to fulfil any requirements stipulated by permits and legislation, as the case may be. The recommendations are drawn from our 25+ years of experience working in the local environmental sector. As the need arises, we also work hand-in-hand with external experts that are renowned in both a local and international context. Our work standards ensure that the results we provide are holistic, comprehensive and most importantly - of the highest quality.


AIS Environment is committed to providing accurate and reliable scientific analyses to its clients, and this commitment is reflected in its adherence to standard protocols and ISO and British Standards. The company's team of experts ensures that all tests, procedures, and analyses are conducted according to established protocols and standards, including ISO 17025. This approach ensures that the results obtained are consistent, comparable, and of high quality. Additionally, the use of standard protocols and standards helps to minimize errors, enhance reproducibility, and increase confidence in the data obtained. AIS Environment's commitment to adherence to standard protocols and standards underscores its dedication to scientific excellence and customer satisfaction.

Baseline Survery of Coastal Waters

What is included in our research and analytics studies?

From air quality to noise pollution and ecology of both land and sea, we work with in-house and external experts to provide environmental studies of all types. Whatever the need may be, you can trust that AIS Environment will carry out research & analytics studies of the highest standard. Using proven scientific methods and following ISO and BS standards as necessary, the quality of our comprehensive investigations are unparalleled.


We monitor and model a range of pollutants, including dust, nitrogen oxides and VOCs

Noise Pollution

We use state-of-the-art equipment to measure, analyse, monitor and model noise levels

Terrestrial Ecology

From habitat mapping to identifying flora and fauna, we offer complete ecological surveys

Marine Ecology

Using ROV and SCUBA, we identify, map and monitor species such as seagrass beds and corals

Archaeology & Heritage

With the largest group of local archaeologists, we offer excavation, evaluation and monitoring

Climate Change

Combining data collection, analysis and modelling, we provide valuable climate change studies

Waste Studies

Our waste studies include material characterisation, chemical analyses and leachate testing

Agriculture Studies

We measure and monitor soil quality, including pH, nutrients, contaminants and biodiversity

Water Bodies

We perform water bodies studies to comprehensively assess the health of these ecosystems

Traffic Studies

We perform traffic counts to measure AADT and analyse the traffic impact of any development

Geology Studies

Our studies include geotechnical investigations, chemical analyses and risk assessments

Renewable Energy

We perform selection exercises, environmental impact assessments, and mitigation measures.

For any other kind of environmental study, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.

Discover how AIS Environment conducted a baseline study of the Maltese Coastal Waters.