Terrestrial Ecology Surveys

Terrestrial Ecology in Malta

Malta is a small but ecologically rich country with a unique and diverse range of habitats and species. These include important natural areas such as the Majjistral Nature and History Park, the Buskett Gardens, and the Dingli Cliffs, which provide vital habitats for a range of protected species, including birds, reptiles, and plants. Malta has implemented a number of measures to protect and conserve these habitats and species, including the designation of Natura 2000 sites and the implementation of the Flora, Fauna and Natural Habitats Protection Regulations (Subsidiary Legislation 549.44). These measures aim to maintain and enhance biodiversity, promote sustainable land use, and ensure that Malta's natural heritage is preserved for future generations.

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AIS Environment is a leading environmental consultancy that offers a range of services to assist individuals, businesses, and organizations in meeting their environmental obligations. Among our research & analytics services, we offer terrestrial ecology studies. These studies include habitat mapping surveys, tree mapping surveys, and identifying important flora and fauna species.

Our team of experienced ecologists are equipped with the latest technology and techniques to carry out comprehensive terrestrial ecology surveys, with a focus on compliance with Maltese legislation and the protection of habitats and species. The Maltese Islands are known for their rich and diverse ecological heritage, and we take pride in helping our clients to protect and preserve it.

Habitat mapping surveys are a vital tool for environmental management, as they provide detailed information on the distribution, extent, and condition of different habitats within a given area. Our ecologists use a combination of field surveys, remote sensing, drone surveys and GIS mapping techniques to accurately identify and map different habitats, including woodland, scrubland, grassland, wetland, and rocky shore habitats.

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Tree mapping surveys are also an important aspect of our terrestrial ecology studies. Trees provide crucial ecosystem services, such as carbon sequestration, soil stabilization, and biodiversity support. Our ecologists use advanced surveying techniques, such as LiDAR, to produce accurate 3D maps of tree canopies and assess the health and condition of individual trees. This information can be used to develop management plans that ensure the sustainable management of tree populations and support the conservation of important habitats and species.

Identifying important flora and fauna species is another key component of our terrestrial ecology studies. Our ecologists have extensive knowledge of the Maltese flora and fauna and use a range of survey techniques, such as transect surveys, point counts, and camera traps, to identify and assess the abundance and distribution of different species. This information is used to develop management plans that support the conservation of important species and habitats, while also ensuring compliance with Maltese legislation.

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At AIS Environment, we are committed to working closely with our clients to deliver bespoke terrestrial ecology studies that meet their specific needs and objectives. Our team of ecologists are highly skilled and experienced, and are supported by our in-house GIS and data analysis teams. We are also fully compliant with the Environment & Resources Authority (ERA), which is the competent authority responsible for the management and protection of the Maltese environment.

As part of our commitment to compliance and best practice, we work closely with the ERA to ensure that our terrestrial ecology studies meet all relevant legislative requirements. This includes compliance with the Flora, Fauna and Natural Habitats Protection Regulations, which provide legal protection for a range of habitats and species, including Natura 2000 sites and species of European importance.

Overall, our terrestrial ecology studies offer a comprehensive and tailored approach to environmental management, providing our clients with the information they need to make informed decisions about the sustainable management of their land and assets. By working with AIS Environment, our clients can be confident that they are meeting their environmental obligations, while also contributing to the protection and preservation of the unique and diverse Maltese environment.