Traffic Impact Assessments


Traffic impact studies, also known as traffic impact assessments (TIAs), are crucial in evaluating the potential impact of a proposed development on the surrounding road network. They involve the calculation of Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) to assess existing traffic flows and model the potential impacts of the proposed development.

TIAs aim to identify any traffic-related issues that may arise, such as congestion or safety concerns, and provide recommendations for mitigating impacts and ensuring that development projects are sustainable. They are an essential tool for informed decision-making and responsible development planning.

traffic impact assessment


AIS Environment is a leading provider of environmental consulting services, including traffic impact assessments (TIAs). With years of experience in the field, our team of experts offers comprehensive TIA services to help clients meet the regulatory requirements and effectively address the traffic impacts of their projects.

The purpose of a Traffic Impact Assessment is to evaluate the impact of a proposed development on the surrounding road network, and to identify any potential traffic issues that may arise as a result. By conducting a thorough TIA, developers can ensure that their projects are sustainable, safe, and in compliance with the law.

At AIS Environment, our team uses a variety of methods and tools to conduct TIAs, including the calculation of Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT). AADT is a measure of the average number of vehicles that travel on a road in a day, over a specified period of time, usually a year. This information is crucial in assessing the impact of a proposed development on the surrounding road network, as it helps to identify potential congestion, safety, and other traffic-related issues that may arise.

To calculate AADT, our team uses a range of data sources, including traffic count surveys, historical data, and local knowledge. We then use advanced analytical tools to model the potential impact of a proposed development on the existing traffic flows, taking into account a range of factors such as peak-hour traffic, pedestrian and bicycle movements, and public transport services. This information is then used to develop a comprehensive TIA report that outlines the potential traffic impacts of the development, and provides recommendations for mitigating any negative effects.

At AIS Environment, we understand the importance of collaboration and engagement with key stakeholders in the TIA process. We work closely with Transport Malta and the Environment & Resources Authority to ensure that our assessments are accurate, reliable, and meet the requirements of the law. We also engage with local communities and other stakeholders to ensure that their views and concerns are taken into account when developing our assessments.

Our Traffic Impact Assessments are specific to the project at hand, and we pride ourselves on providing practical and effective solutions that meet both regulatory requirements and the needs of our clients. Our team has experience working on a wide range of development projects, from small-scale residential developments to large-scale commercial and industrial projects, and we have a proven track record of success in delivering high-quality TIA reports that meet the needs of our clients.

In addition to our Traffic Impact Assessments, AIS Environment offers a range of other environmental consulting services, including air quality assessments, noise assessments, and ecological surveys. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality services and are dedicated to helping them achieve their environmental goals.

At AIS Environment, we believe that environmental sustainability and economic development can go hand in hand. By providing comprehensive TIA services, we help our clients ensure that their development projects are sustainable, safe, and in compliance with the law. We are committed to supporting the development of Malta’s economy while protecting the environment and preserving the quality of life for local communities.

If you are planning a development project in Malta and require a Traffic Impact Assessment, contact AIS Environment today to find out how we can help. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your project is successful and meets all regulatory requirements.