January 6, 2022

Client: Metalco Ltd


Metalco Ltd. operates a waste storage and treatment facility which processes large quantities of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste annually. Metalco Ltd is also often entrusted by the Customs Authority to destroy sensitive consignments such as counterfeit cigarettes or clothes.


In order to ensure compliance with EU Directive 2008/1/EC, Metalco was required to obtain an Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control permit (IPPC) to ensure all waste management methods used were focused on pollution prevention. This permit was of particular importance in relation to the handling of hazardous waste such as WEEE, soaps, organic products, and batteries.

Waste Management Facility
Waste Management Facility


AIS Environment prepared the IPPC permit which offered a clear outline of the below; 

  • The handling and storage of specialised waste; including the use of steel shredders, tyre shredders and cardboard and plastic balers.
  • A specific plan to ensure the responsible handling and disposal of sensitive consignments. 

AIS also completed the variation to the IPPC permit in 2020.